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  • 菲奥雷拉杰克烧烤    Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbeque

    8.6 7人点评 美食综合排名 第1位

    Beyond delicious! We ordered take out. We ordered the southern jack pulled pork, pit beans, and broccoli with garlic butter. The pulled pork was perfect (fall off the bone type). I could eat this over and over again. This was my first time in Kansas City. We were driving through after a 700+ mile drive from The Great Sand Dunes.

  • Joe's Kansas City   

    9.3 3人点评 美食综合排名 第2位

    Beef brisket with cheese and onion rings - crave it every time I'm in KC. Call ahead to pick up, but prepare for a 30-60 min wait. They stagger their orders, so they don't put it together until you arrive (guaranteed hot) Try to get burnt ends when they make it, but it sells out really soon (like an hour after they open).


  • Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse   

    10.0 1人点评 美食综合排名 第3位

    I don't even know what to say about Fogo de Chao other than the fact that it is just absolutely incredible. Not only was the food great, but the service was impeccable! We had a reservation for 8:30 on a Saturday night. I called to let them know we were going to be a few minutes late (parking in The Plaza on a Saturday night is an adventure in itself) and they were more than accommodating and still held the table for us - how sweet! The restaurant is huge - numerous rooms with dim lighting and multiple walls were floor-to-ceiling wine shelves. Immediately, our server came and explained the process to us: go help yourselves to the market table first (salad bar, vegetable bar, potato salads, etc) and, when you're ready for meat, they provide you a card to put on the end of your table and flip it to the green side. We ordered drinks, helped ourselves to the market table, went through the cheesy bread rolls (amazing, by the way), and flipped our card to green to begin our adventure. Numerous cuts of sirloin, filet mignon, lamb, pork chops, lamb chops, pork ribs, chicken, and much more came out so quickly.. They slice you off a section each time and move on to the next table. We had to turn the card over to make them stop so we could have a break! My brother flipped the card over again and had a few more slices of meats, then we ordered dessert. The dessert we had was a slice of New York cheesecake with homemade strawberry sauce and also the creme brûlée. Both were also incredible. Overall, we had a great experience. Incredibly friendly, helpful and knowledgable staff, amazing food, wonderful drinks (if you're a beer drinker, try the Brazilian beer they recommend! I forgot the name of it) and great atmosphere. Definitely go! A tip: If you're planning on going out afterward, dismiss it completely. If you're like my brother and I who want to try everything, you'll have a hard enough time walking out to the car, let alone try to go out to the bars.

  • Q39   

    10.0 1人点评 美食综合排名 第4位

    Everyone in our Kansas City office talked about what they heard of Q39, but no one has been. It's time to make them jealous. This was worth the 45 minute wait. Be warned service will be a little abrupt at peak times, out of sheer necessity. This place gets packed. And loud. Atmosphere is a little too open and unpadded for meaningful conversation. But for those drawbacks, the food has every answer. I'll start with the Q because that's where everything starts here. The ribs are perfection. Slow smoked to a deep pink, fall-off-the-bone, juicy, meaty perfection. They're done in the perfect amount of the perfect sauce. I'm using that word a lot and you'll see more of it. I chose beans as my side and glad I did. Don't bother with anything else. They are even perfecter than the meat. The burnt ends and the smokiness and something entirely indescribable create a mystical aura. Ask for a spoon or just lick the bowl. The apple cole slaw is an amazing taste experience. You don't even realize that the word "apple" refers to actual apples, that's how well the taste blends. Not that I need to say more, but for reference the weakest part of the meal was the cornbread, and I have not a negative word to say about it. Get the picture? Good. See you here.

  • Houston’s Restaurant   

    10.0 1人点评 美食综合排名 第5位

    I've been here 20+ times and always love the food and atmosphere. My favorites include: the house salad, the artichoke app, steak, pork chop and the drinks. Warning: the house salad is a meal in itself (bacon, croutons, egg, chopped finely).

  • Café Des Amis   

    10.0 1人点评 美食综合排名 第6位

    Best restaurant in the Northland. The service is excellent as is the food. They also have a wonderful selection of French wines. Some of my favorites are the steak, pork chop, mussels and any of the fish dishes. The desserts change with the seasons but the chocolate soufflé is always on the menu and to die for.

  • Plaza III Steakhouse   

    10.0 1人点评 美食综合排名 第7位

    When you're still talking about an amazing meal days after the experience.. It's worth noting. Plaza III is an absolute must if you're looking for the BEST steak in Kansas City. The filet is melt in your mouth and served with delicious béarnaise on the side and the prime rib is unbelievable..fork tender and full of flavor. We love the Lyonnaise potatoes, creamed spinach, mushrooms, white cheddar potatoes, OK I could go on and on. We often order the small sides and try several..so good. They start your meal with a complimentary fresh, crisp crudités assortment and offer amazing warm sourdough bread (addictive). The service is exceptional at every level and their management team is top notch. The wine list and wine steward (Willie) are both very impressive. Without a doubt a five-star experience every time!

  • Le Fou Frog   

    10.0 1人点评 美食综合排名 第8位

    Oh but that sauce!! I wanted their creamy wine sauce on everything, specially the sauce that the lobster was swimming in. What is it about bread and butter, I try and resist, epic fail. We also started with the meat and cheese plate and of course wine. French onion soup, rich and meaty flavor. Golden trout with what tasted like a creamy pepper sauce. The lobster for our table was the show stopper though. Which came with risotto and some very fresh sautéed carrots, green beans and Brussel sprouts. Of course more wine. In between 1st and 2nd course we were served mini quiches that tasted like pure butter, very good. For dessert our waiter Matt ( must pause to thank Matt for putting up with our crazy, and making my mom's birthday dinner a wild success! ) and lovely french man brought out the birthday surprise. Sorbet, lemon cookies, creme bruleé followed by chocolate truffles. The French man took my mom's hand and sang happy birthday in french! Nice touch. This place is fantastic, dates, birthdays, anniversaries, happy hour I am all in! It may not be what you expect on the outside but inside it's dark and sweetly french. Loved the fresh single rose on each table, they smelled devine.

  • Grünauer   

    10.0 1人点评 美食综合排名 第9位

    Our annual trek to Kansas City found us, once again, looking for new dining experiences. We come to shop and eat so finding great restaurants is essential. Since German food is a favorite, we decided to give Grunauer a try...best culinary decision we made the whole trip! Let me start by saying that the service here is impeccable! The servers are prompt and knowledgeable about everything on the menu. You want a glass of wine and not sure what kind? They not only have recommendations but have it in front of you in less than 5 minutes! We ordered a pork belly and dumpling appetizer which was on our table in less than 10 minutes and it was delicious! Before our forks were back on the table, the entrees were out. I got a pork loin dish that came with red cabbage and a bread dumpling. I loved this food so much that I thought I must have been German in a prior life! I don't drink but wanted to order a glass of heavy ale! I asked to be called Frauline! My dining companion had a veal liver dish that was served with mashed potatoes, crispy onion rings and roasted apples. He raved about it and he actually DID order a glass of heavy ale AND some apple strudel which I was too full to even sniff! So...to sum it up, if you like German food and are looking for a place that knows how to make it, you have hit the mother lode with Grunauer! This place goes on our list of "must haves" for every future trip to K.C.

  • Novel Restaurant   

    10.0 1人点评 美食综合排名 第10位

    We had dinner here last night before a show at the Music Hall. I enjoyed the atmosphere and decor of the restaurant - it's a quaint old home that they've transformed. Not sure that it's handicap accessible if that's necessary for you.... I imagine sitting on their outside patio in nice weather would be enjoyable with the trees and the neighborhood view. We were seated upstairs in a quiet corner and our server, Beth, was attentive and helpful. At times, we felt like she could have been a little more attentive but that was only because we had a show to make and I'm not sure we mentioned that up front. We brought a bottle of wine to share ($20 corkage fee) and decided to skip the appetizers and start with the entrees. Hubby and Larry had the pork chop, I had the scallops and Teri had the steak dish. The boys were super happy with their extremely large and very well prepared pork chop. I thought the scallops were excellent and Teri enjoyed her steak as well. We couldn't decide on the sides, so we tried all three. Everyone had a favorite, but we decided you couldn't really go wrong with any of them. We shared the banana creme brûlée and chocolate cake for dessert. They were both good choices as well. We would not hesitate to go back again!

  • Bob Wasabi Kitchen   

    10.0 1人点评 美食综合排名 第11位

    If you haven't been here, you're missing out. While I was on my intense search for a solid sushi place (after moving here from St. Louis and Chicago --both have some really good sushi places if you know where to go) out here in KC, this was the one that stood out to me. It's become a staple in my dining out rotation and I come here frequently. Bob is seriously the chilliest guy, hilarious and skilled as all hell. He can slice a fish faster than you can say "Bazinga!" Okay, I don't know if that's actually true, but the food is phenomenal. I always get a mixture of sashimi/nigiri and a few rolls when I come here. The miso soup isn't anything to write home about, but I'm here for the fish, so that doesn't matter too much to me. While they don't have as many rolls as some of those other places you've been to, each of them is worth it. I've had a fair number of the rolls including: TNT, Unagi Mango, Hawaiian, Baked Hamachi, Rainbow, etc. They've all been delicious, massive, and lusciously decked out with ingredients. If you like some flavorful rolls, try them! Now, THE SUSHI PURISTS. Yeah, I'm lookin' at you. Even if you don't like just fancy raw fish by itself or on rice, you should try it here. So fresh, tasty and it just melts in your mouth. I always check to see what they recommend for the day and have yet to be disappointed. I remember my first order of Toro there, mmmmmm. I died and went to heaven. P.S. If you're feeling frisky and want a mid day drink, those sake bottles are some good choices and will get you feelin' loosened up and ready to not be productive. Haha

  • Drunken Fish - Power & Light District   

    10.0 1人点评 美食综合排名 第12位

    Clean bathrooms If you don't go during happy hour, I think the prices are reasonable and typical of a Japanese restaurant.

  • 801 Fish Leawood   

    10.0 1人点评 美食综合排名 第13位

    At present, there are two 801 Fish Company restaurants, one in St. Louis and the other in Leawood. They are serious, first class seafood restaurants with very fresh seafood, excellent preparations, and fine service. They are expensive, but worth it. Regarding cost, the happy hour from 4 to 6 pm helps. You cannot sit in a booth in the main dining area during happy hour, but the tables near the bar qualify for the happy hour pricing. We had some difficulty finding the restaurant, and even more difficulty finding a parking space. Although the restaurant does not have a parking lot of its own, there are other places to park nearby, if you can figure it all out. If you don't want to waste your time exploring the parking situation, you can use the restaurant's valet parking. The restaurant provides that valet parking for free (although a tip would be appropriate), but the valet does not arrive until 5 pm. We arrived at 4:30 pm.

  • Yard House   

    10.0 1人点评 美食综合排名 第14位

    Great fun in the Power and Light District. We're here for the KC Wine Walk. The bars and restaurants in the district are all fantastic and the yard house is no exception. Unbelievable selection of beers on tap. We live near by but don't come down often because of the crowds. That will change now because the Happy Hours are numerous and the food and drinks are fantastic. Start with the Yard House and you won't be disappointed. Reservations are a prerequisite so don't come thinking you can just walk in. We had Pepper Crested Filet as the appetizer for Wine Walk. lol some how I expected the filet to be fish?? Not. It was steak and it was amazing, tender and moist and full of flavor.

  • 801 Chophouse   

    10.0 1人点评 美食综合排名 第15位




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