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San jose

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  • 温切斯特神秘洋房    Winchester Mystery House

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    温切斯特神秘屋是莎拉·温彻斯特居住的地方,莎拉由于继承庞大家产后丧女失夫,心里留下巨大阴影,认为这是怨鬼报复。后来按照巫师指点,建造了这所洋房。历时38年,直到她死后才建成。有传闻称,莎拉和其他受尽折磨的灵魂仍然在这些房间中游走。 所以,参观温切斯特神秘屋必须有专门人员跟随,方向感再好的人,也会在这个神秘屋里迷失方向,因为这是一个迷宫,莎拉相信恶鬼要加害于她,所以她建造了迷宫一般的走道、暗门、铁栏杆,以迷惑羁绊尾随她的恶鬼。有时打开的是门,而看见的确是一堵堵白墙,令人心惊胆战。

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    苹果总部    Apple Campus

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  • 儿童发现博物馆    Children's Discovery Museum

    9.1 9人点评 景点观光综合排名 第3位

    极少游客会去这个博物馆,但是这个馆在tripadvisor上是San Jose排名第4的景点。与其说这是个博物馆,不如说这里是孩子的游乐场,给小朋友游戏的机关连大人都觉得很好玩。地方不大,但是小孩在这里可以玩一整天都不愿意走。强烈推荐给宝爸宝妈们

  • 圣若瑟大教堂    St. Joseph Cathedral

    8.3 6人点评 景点观光综合排名 第4位


  • Los Gatos丛林小路    Los Gatos Creek Trail

    9.0 2人点评 景点观光综合排名 第5位

    有朋友住在那里,所以去那儿附近吃了顿自助中餐(名字仿佛是叫Tomi's ?),在米国近二十天,吃到一顿中餐真是感动得痛哭流涕。

  • 日本友谊花园    Japanese Friendship Garden

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    This beautiful garden has been around for so long but the gardeners do a great job of keeping it lovely and quaint. The koi in the large ponds, the herons and ducks all add to the beauty of the wonderfully maintained foliage and trees. A must for visiting if you are a local and want to show off to your out of town guests. Yes this is San Jose and Japan at the same time.

  • Mission Peak Regional Park   

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    2014年最后一束阳光在TWIN PEAK上看到

  • 圣荷西技术创新博物馆    The Tech Museum of Innovation

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    IMAX is splendid.seating is so cool. The theater does not hold a large number of people but we were very lucky to watch this successful movie from Christopher Nolan right from the top row.Truly a real experience.

  • 快乐山谷公园和动物园    Happy Hollow Park and Zoo

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  • 玫瑰园    Municipal Rose Garden

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  • 圣荷西埃及博物馆    Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

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    Located fairly close to downtown San Jose, my family and I enjoyed boning up on, so to speak, ancient Eypgt with this neat museum. There are 4 rooms including a made-up crypt in which one descends (slightly) to examine findings of a 'dig'. Our children ages 8 & 11 had fun and learning exploring these rooms. They have a fair amount of original items including mummies and some larger replicas. It's the most that I've seen in one place. We parked along the street out front free. Use you AAA card for a discount. Staff very nice.

  • 圣何塞艺术博物馆    San Jose Museum of Art

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  • 明矾石公园    Alum Rock Park

    8.0 2人点评 景点观光综合排名 第13位

    Visitor center..open on sunday..correcting info first. Parking..free lot at entrance but is about 1.6 miles from visitor center. Inside parking $6. Take ur pick. No cell service inside. Pl note. We came with a group and couldnt coordinate..no service at all except once you hike up in open.we did 2 miles in north rim..easy hike n great with kids.

  • 狂潮水上乐园    Raging Waters

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    因为圣荷西一年四季阳光很充足,玩水消暑成为这里经常有的活动。作为美国第三大水上公园,狂潮水上乐园以惊险刺激,令人灵魂出窍的特殊设计而闻名。公园里共有有二十二个游乐区,包括可以让小朋友玩一些富有想象力的水上游戏"水上王国",以及模仿"地中海假日俱乐部Club Med"的迷你水上航行。有些项目刺激,惊险好玩,不过开放时间有限制,具体开放时间需要查看官网。

  • 凯利公园    Kelley Park

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    In a way, one can think of Kelly Park as the central park area for San Jose. There are three special parks within this park: 1) Happy Hollow Park and Zoo - While being a small zoo, it is a local zoo to take the children and have a fun day seeing the animals. We have gone a few times, usually with extended family as an outing. 2) Japanese Friendship Garden - Beautiful Japanese garden with small ponds, koi fish, Japanese Garden Bridge, Japanese Tea House and more. The tea house can be rented for events. I have enjoyed walking in the park, taking photos, and just sitting and enjoying the pretty views. 3) History Park - A collection of historical town buildings, cultural museums, and train exhibit. There are also trolley rides on the week-ends. I have visited by myself and also we have attended a work function here. They have a nice area that can be reserved for group picnics. The park is also very close to San Jose Giants Baseball Stadium which is across the street from the park. There are various places one can have a picnic, go for walks, etc.